G O R I N G   H E A T H   A L M S H O U S E S



A B O U T    U S

Goring Heath Almshouses provide accommodation for retired or soon to be retired men and women who have a local connection to Goring Heath and the surrounding parishes. The Trustees provide the residents with a comfortable, well-maintained and affordable home, together with communal facilities and support.

The buildings are built in Queen Anne style red brick, dating from the 1720s and are set in 25 acres of rural park and woodland. Six almshouses are set around a three-sided open courtyard with a central chapel. Very close by are separate buildings accommodate four further almshouses, the matrons cottage and community room.

Goring Heath Almshouses originates from 1724 when the residencies forming the three-sided courtyard with the chapel in the centre were founded, along with a small hospital building. In the 1880s a school was built to the northwest, this was closed in 1985 and was converted into four almshouses. A common room was built between these two in 1998 and is used for residents’ social activities and meetings. It has a resident, full time Warden and Chaplain of St Bartholomew’s chapel.

T H E    C H A R I T Y

Goring Heath Charities, (The Allnutt & Baker Almshouse and Educational Trust) is run in accordance with schemes prepared by the Charity Commission. It is a registered Charity, number 211836.

The Charity is administered by seven local voluntary Trustees who have a wide range of professional skills.  Day to day management is the responsibility of the Warden, Chaplain and part time Clerk.